About Me

My name is Cristiana Esteves and I am a part-time blogger and full-time mother to two beautiful twin boys.

During my pregnancy, I started writing a journal after I was placed on strict hospital bed rest, as a way to help me cope with being cooped up in a room day in, day out. Even after the boys were born, I continued to write while both babies were in the Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit of the hospital as I found writing gave me an outlet.

Now that they are home, I want to use my love of writing to pass along some of the things that helped me get through this difficult time in the hopes that it helps other moms and moms-to-be. After spending almost ten weeks on bed rest, followed by six months in the NICU, I know how I was able to get through that terrible time in my life and want to help other parents do the same.

I also want to provide a place for all new parents to come and get helpful tips on the day-to-day things that all parents have to face, such as finding easy weeknight recipes, baby schedules, sleep training as well as suggested outings with the little ones.